A Pile of Smashed, Luxury Cars


This was a weird story I saw about a pileup of luxury cars in Shimonoseki, Japan. The people involved were headed to a motor festival in Hiroshima. According to the report, eight Ferraris, a lambourghini, and three Mercedes were wrecked in the accident. Hearing stories like these make your stomach sink, even if you’re not big into cars (like me). Those cars are SOOoo expensive. To see so many smashed at one time, is like “UGH!” Anyway check out the video below:

It’s a miracle that nobody got hurt. At least there were no reports of anybody being hurt.

See you tomorrow,

Donald Ash

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  • Petaris

    I read about this on the BBC website earlier. That must have been something to see. Too bad for the owners though, I hope they had good insurance!

  • kurt

    One of my former co-workers in Japan was a member in a Datsun/Nissan club…I was an honorary gaijin member since I had a badass modified ’73 240z…they would meet on weekends and go tearing around the country side at high speeds. I’ll bet this was a similar club, albeit a bit pricier.

    Actually the wrecked cars are an analogy of my performance on the JLPT Sunday…….

    • Petaris

      Bummer about the JLPT but hopefully you did better then you think! 🙂 I’m still no where close to even taking the JLPT!

  • kurt

    Well, it was N5 after all. A true gauge of my ability to negotiate a cookie from a 4 year old! It was actually a fun experience and kick started my desire to learn the language. And out-do Donald-san at Kanji.


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